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Philippines Business Culture Research Paper

January 22, 2015

Philippines Business Culture Research Paper

Philippines Business Culture Research Paper

Philippines Business Culture Research Paper
Philippines Business Culture Research Paper
This post is about the Philippines Business. Check the information below on Philippines Business.

Open a Business! Philippines Is the Best Starting Place

International enterprises that need to expand and foray in a growing Southeast Asian market should look to anchor the bulk of offshore operation in a politically and economically stable country. Such locations should have the most up-to-date technological and infrastructure provisions to support long-term operation. For global companies that plan to open a business, Philippines has just the complete requirements previously mentioned. Further, for large corporations to streamline or spread out operations and do some incorporation, Philippines can easily offer similar opportunities for subsidiaries and affiliates.

Why this tiny archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? The Philippines is the premier destination for offshore BPOs and KPOs, and the idea to set up auxiliary business there shouldn’t be far-fetched. It has long underlined offshore outsourcing as key to its GDP growth and is bent on attracting foreign-based business as well to set up onshore facilities to help stimulate the more localized sectors. There is also an excess of skilled and educated manpower there that can ably support any enterprise at any given time.

The Philippine government continues to encourage business to set up critical process within the country. It also offers both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for direct foreign investment, including tax breaks. Furthermore, collaborations among the nation’s private sector, local government councils, and civil society groups have led to the creation of several business zones just for foreign ventures. These parks are located within and adjacent the cosmopolitan business districts such as Subic, Makati, Laguna, and Taguig.

More importantly, the country has several private support agencies that can assist at the critical time when an organization opens a business. Philippines is known as a very hospitable nation, a trait that extends to business practices too. A number of consulting agencies provide comprehensive business development services such as business registration and office setup to help businesses ease in and get comfortable to the local setting. Such organization also offers visa processing services and can help foreign staff to quickly and legally process their paperwork. These also have an excellent understanding of the various tax incentive programs available.

The Philippine business and social culture are very flexible. Whether you find it good or bad, the bureaucracy is as adaptable too to the needs of the business sector. This versatility-or red tape or just some cultural oddity-however, may be hard to understand to new visitors. Experience in the Philippines is a critical key for business to hit the ground running. For business entities that may undergo mergers, a downsizing or incorporation, Philippines various consulting agencies can also help in navigating the licensing process for fast accreditation and clearance. Among the assortment of certifications needed in most enterprises, there are those from the Bureau of Food and Drugs, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and other clearances down from the smallest political unit called the barangay.

These consulting agencies can also help to quickly set up offices in the Philippines. They can find the most strategic locations and staff, and can set up the infrastructure an office needs. Further, they can also assist in critical business development strategies including and securing initial clients or partners.
Global companies expanding to Asia need not find it hard to set up shop or open a business. Philippines possesses advantages in terms of having talented people, strong infrastructure, and a high-quality customer service, which are the key elements to set off an offshore business on firm sails.

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